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How to Switch Broadband Providers

Are you disatisfied with your broadband provider? Not sure how to switch or who to switch to? These are common problems for broadband users and yet it is not difficult to switch to a better service provider. Which? found that AOL broadband customers were the most disatisfied with their provider in a recent poll and yet 80% of AOL customers still put up with an unsatisfactory service. Whether you’ve had poor service, an unreliable connection, or believe you are  paying too much for your internet, switching broadband provider can save you money and get you a better service.

Virgin Media fastest home broadband network

For more information ~ Virgin Media (visit Virgin Media website)

ISPs should not blur the truth about broadband speeds to consumers in order to get ahead. While advertised speeds are going up and up, many people are not even getting the slower speeds they are being promised today. One in five people who take an advertised ‘fast package’ – used by 60% of internet users – are actually getting connections around 3Mbps-5Mbps.

Best PAYG dongles

Pay as you go mobile broadband is recognised as the perfect option to back-up regular broadband with mobile broadband or as a supplement to home broadband for people who are looking to connect on the go. Pay as you go (PAYG) mobile broadband gives you the same connection speed as any other mobile broadband without  signing a contract. Currently the competition for your business is high so you can get some really great PAYG mobile broadband deals and the best dongle offers online. New deals are coming online every day so it is best to confirm the offers below by using our sponsored links right.

Orange broadband moves to BT

Orange currently has more than 800,000 fixed line customers but plans to ditch their own problematic fixed-line broadband – which covers around 65% of the UK - in favour of BT. Although Orange has invested millions in broadband equipment and telephone exchanges; their customer base has been declining and their commercial performance rated as poor. In 2009 of 17 ISPs Orange was rated as 15th in the Service and Reliability Awards.

BT will take over Orange’s fixed-line business and a proportion of Orange staff will move over to BT as part of the re-organisation. The Times suggests the move to BT will increase Orange’s network coverage and free up their resources to invest in its broadband products and improve customer services.

Mobile broadband providers -connection speeds vs reliability

Be aware that 1GB of data = 400 emails + 28 hours of internet surfing + watching a dozen short video clips.

Mobile broadband is easy to access, if you decide to sign up to a contract you will get either a small USB modem or a dongle that plugs into your laptop. Chose a data allowance that meets your needs because if you go over your allowance you will get hefty charges. If you buy online and you are not happy with connection speed or reliability you have a 7 day cooling off period when you can cancel your IP. Mobile broadband will not replace a fixed line connection for most users unless you are a light user or a student who does not require a fixed line. 

Best short term broadband

If you want a short term deal for broadband only three providers offer deals lasting three months or less.

1. AOL is the cheapest, charging £4.99 a month offering up to 8Mb speeds and 10GB download limit. The minimum contract is one month and if you stay longer than 3 months you will pay £9.99 a month.  Check it out on the AOL website.

2. Be Broadband will offer you a faster 24Mb service with minimum contract of 3 months at £24.43 a month as well as line rental. Visit the Be website  for more details.

Utilities bundles in one package

Telecom Plus is unusual in that it is thriving by selling multi-utilities from gas to telecoms, mobile and broadband on a single bill. By keeping costs low, Telecom Plus, which trades as Utility Warehouse, is drawing in new customers with cheap gas and electricity rates. It  is becoming a one-stop-shop for customers looking to source different services says Nic Fildes in the Sunday Times.

The company founded in 1997 has more than 300,000 customers to whom it sells more than one million services. The company has a policy of cutting costs by limiting their advertising and marketing – they rely on word of mouth recommendations.

Best phone and broadband bundles

Bundling your telephone, TV and broadband services could save you serious money. If you are currently a Tiscali customer you will be aware that your brand ceased to exist on Jan 7th this year and TalkTalk took you over and will now be bringing you in line with with their prices and package options. Some of you may be offered cheaper deals but others will have to pay more. Be aware that if you have been asked to pay more, or your package has changed, you are free to end your contract and move to another provider.

Choosing your payg mobile providers

question-markA good 3G signal which gives you faster mobile internet access, video messaging and downloads and the ability to watch TV on your mobile is essential. Currently 3 and Orange have the most extensive coverage across the UK. However, O2 have announced plans to build 1,500 new mobile network sites across the UK in 2010. O2 suggests its focus is also on being number one for customer satisfaction.

Student Savings on pay as you go mobiles

Money is tight when you are a student. Why not consider switching to Orange for the following 5 great reasons?

1. £10 free credit.

Switch to Orange, use your old number and they will give you £10 free credit. You will need to know your previous PAC network code before visiting 

2. 1 in 3 chance to win

Every time you top up you could win a prize with Bright Top Ups: a one in three chance to bag laptops, texts and maybe a holiday.

3. Magic Numbers

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